Ithaca Thai Restaurant: Discover The Thai Cuisine

Most people these days have tried Thai food; it has become fairly main stream. If you have not tried it you are missing out, it is one of the best tasting cuisines in the world. Most people who have not tried it don't do so because they are intimidated by it. While the strange sounding names can make it hard to determine what is in some dishes for the most part the ingredients are things that you have probably eaten plenty of times before.

Thai food has developed a reputation around the world for being one of the most flavorful of all cuisines; this is why it is so popular. The reason that it is so flavorful is that it relies on a huge number of spices that are native Thailand as well as the influence of many different cultures in using those spices. Thai cooks look to balance the flavors that they put into their dishes which results in a rather complicated dish but one that is full of flavor.

One of the things that makes Thai food so popular is that it uses such a wide variety of ingredients. As mentioned above there a lot of different spices that go into the dishes but there are also a lot of other foods as well. Thailand has a lot of different climates within the country because it is so long and this results in a lot of different ingredients that can be grown. In addition there is a lot of coastline so they have access to outstanding seafood; all of this has found its way into their dishes.

One of the concerns that a lot of people have when they are considering Thai food is that it will be spicy. Certainly there are some dishes that are very spicy but there are also dishes that are quite mild. Like most cuisines Thai cooking runs a wide gamut so there is something for everybody. If you do go out for Thai food at a restaurant it will be clearly marked on the menu which dishes are hot. If you are brave enough to give them a try then go for it, you will probably quite like them. If you are not comfortable with hot foods they can be easily avoided.

One of the reasons that Thai cooking has become so popular is that compared to most other cuisines it is quite healthy. Thai cooking relies heavily on fresh vegetables and seafood. You can get other meats as well but even these are generally pretty healthy. That being said if you are eating Thai food at a restaurant you do want to be careful about what they have added to the food, in particular you want to pay attention to the salt and sugar as these are often added in order to balance out the spicy flavors.